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Soccer Is the Best!

By Sahan Ihalaranaweera

My favorite sport is soccer. I love going outside to kick a ball around with my dad. We set up two goals with sticks and we played one against one. Most of the time my dad beats me, but sometimes I beat him! Occasionally my brother and my mom will play, too. Playing soccer with my family is so much fun! 

I play for a youth soccer club called CRUSH. Every year CRUSH is invited to play at the Bowling Green Soccer Tournament. BGST is a tournament at Bowling Green University against top teams in the tri-state area. Sometimes my teammates and I play hide and seek in the stadium. We even get to play football in the stadium too! We made it to the finals last year, but we lost 2-0; it’s okay though. We still had a lot of fun. 

Sometimes when our friends come over, we play a variation of soccer called World Cup. World Cup is where each person gets to choose a country that they represent. The rules are generally the same as regular soccer except for two things. One, whenever you shoot, you have to call the name of your country, and two, each time you score, you advance to the next round. If you are the last one, you are eliminated. Playing World Cup is so much fun; even if you get eliminated, you can always be a Goalie. Soccer is definitely my favorite sport.    

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