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Snowboarding...a real sport?

by Arjun Siddappa

Snowboarding has been a very beloved sport for many, many years,
and will continue to be one for many more. Some think that snowboarding is not a sport, but others, such as myself, consider it to be one of the hardest
sports existing. The reason they think this is because they believe that the
only thing you do is stand on the board and slide down the mountain with
momentum. This is not true at all. You need to have super strong legs to turn
your feet that are lodged onto a four foot long board, just to turn a little
bit. You need to have the courage to obtain speed and accept the fact that you
could get hurt at any time. Also when you are about to jump off of a ramp, you
need to hold a squat while moving 30 MPH up a ramp, and then jump at the
precise moment so that you don’t break a bone. This takes a lot of skill and is
not just luck.


You also need to be able to keep balance. When you are moving at
high speeds with winds and both feet attached to a board, you need to be able
to stand up while moving down the mountain. If you do not have good balance
while snowboarding, you will fall down and get hurt. Its really nerve wracking
to think about the fact that you could potentially break a bone or even die.
This is a very important factor of snowboarding.


The next thing is that you have to be able to do is to navigate
your way through extremely high winds. The winds at some snowboarding ranges can go up to 80 MPH. You need to be able to push through these winds down a mountain going at high speeds. Sometimes, you won’t be able to push through thewinds and you might get blown off the mountain. Numerous people have passed away because of this. You can also get caught in an avalanche because of the winds and you would have to wait for someone to miraculously find you after it is over. By the time it is over, however, you would most likely be dead due to the temperature and the raging snow storm above.


Skiing gives you the ability to move your feet, but it’s boring,
too much like ice skating. Why not just go ice skating? Snow boarding is a real
work out. It works on your core, using your entire core, making you do intense,
“Russian twists”, while speeding down the slope. Snow boarding was
made by somebody just taking a plank and riding it down a mountain and it’s evolved into 
 A United States National competitive sport. With its

newness, competitiveness, speed, and intensity – this sport is loved by
Americans, Germans, and…of course, Russians. In conclusion, snowboarding is a very difficult task to learn and I would consider it a lifestyle and a sport
even though many people wouldn’t. 

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