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Ali's Animal Alphabet!

Ali’s Animal Alphabet! Here are the first few animals in her ongoing project…
Animal A: Aardwolf

This is an aardwolf, an insectivore member of the hyena family : aww

Aardwolves are found in east and south African scrublands. Aardwolves are not endangered; in fact, they are ranked Least Concerned. I would want to meet an aardwolf because they seem interesting. They are related to hyenas but don’t eat meat. Aardwolves are insectivores. Aardwolves get to be about two to three feet long if you just count their body and their tail is 7 inches – 11 inches.

Bay cat - Wikipedia

Rare Bornean bay cat.

B Animal:  Bornean Bay Cat

Bornean Bay cats are usually found in Lowland and upland forests in Borneo. Bornean Bay Cats are Endangered. Bornean bay cats are 49.5 cm –  67 cm.  The only believed threat that has been observed at this time is habitat loss. They have been seen a few times but their lifespan is not known.

C Animal: Black caiman

Black caimans are Black caiman - WikipediaVulnerable on the list of conservation status. Black caiman average about 4-5 meters in length. Black caimans live to be about 50-80 years if not killed first. The only predators for mature adults are jaguars, boas, pythons, and the most dangerous of all, a creature so dangerous and deadly, called a “Person”. The caiman live in seasonally flooded savannas and wetlands in and near the Amazon .

D animal: Dholes

Dhole by Pali Horvat. The dhole is a beautiful species of canine native to widespread parts of Asia. An Endangered species, it is threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and conflict with humans.Dholes are an endangered animal of the canine family. They live up to about ten years. A dhole is 90 centimeters in length. 

Their natural predators are large wild cats and they occupy a wide range of habitats. Dholes hunt livestock so they are hunted because they threaten the lives of  live stock.They are found in India.

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