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Manchester City Rules!

By Jonathan Mei

What makes Manchester City so great? They have the ultimate recipe. They have three great players who make a huge impact on the field, a rich owner who can spend money when he needs to, and amazing teamwork to help set up goals and plays.

Joao Cancelo is an incredible defensive player. He plays full back for Manchester City, and is considered to be one of the best full backs in the game. Before joining Manchester City, he played with Juventus for one year. He is going into his fourth year with Manchester City. Cancelo scored multiple goals while hitting the top corner. He also sent an incredible cross to set up a header for a goal.

Kevin De Bruyne plays midfield and is absolutely amazing. Currently the best midfielder in the world, he can set other players up for successful plays and passes really well. He joined

Manchester City in 2015, and has played seven years with them. In addition, he played only one year with VfL Wolfsburg before leaving for Manchester City.

Ruben Dias is a super defensive player. He plays center back, and has played two seasons with Manchester City. Even though he had a hamstring injury, he had a lot of amazing plays. He stopped multiple shots on goal and he also scores as a center back, which is very impressive.


Ruben Dias

In one of the last matches of the 2021-2022 season, they were down two with 20 minutes left of the match. They were up against Aston Villa, and it seemed like their championship hope might be lost. Amazingly, they pulled through and scored three goals in just five minutes and won the championship!

The owner of Manchester City is Sheikh Mansour, a really rich person who currently has an estimated net worth of 22 billion dollars. The organization is City Football Group, which currently owns 11 clubs. He has spent an estimated two billion dollars on Manchester City since buying them in 2008! While owning Manchester City, they have won five premier league titles, two FA cups, six League Cup/EFL Carabao Cup, and three FA community Shields.

Will there be another team that is as good as Manchester City? How long will Manchester City stay at this elite level? These are very difficult questions to answer. It is so amazing that they have won five premier league titles in just a few years.