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I Am Malala
reviewed by Ali Ess
"Khushal is having a love affair with his xbox and Atal has discovered Nutella.”  Although we expect this book to be just about war and hard times, there are a lot of funny parts too. We get to know her little brothers, Khushal and Atal a bit, and they are as annoying and sometimes as funny as all little brothers.

That shows us that Malala's family is in some ways just like ours but they had to deal with death threats, no TV because it was a western thing, and a man had to accompany a woman anywhere outside the house. Malala's family had a pretty difficult time when they lived in the Swat Valley. Her father and teachers also play important roles in this book.

While Malala is the main character, she would not be able to do much of what happened in her life without her father. He gave her chances that most fathers wouldn't, especially  in their part of the world. What makes Malala different is that she kept going when life  got hard and dangerous.

Malala was 15 when she was shot point blank, and no one thought she would live. She had a hard time at first when they moved to the UK. Adjusting to a new house and school was difficult, but she enjoyed her new school after some time.  

Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Malala graduated from Oxford University in 2021. She still gives talks about girls’ education and the fight for equality.Overall, this book was very interesting and held my attention more than I expected. When I started getting bored, something exciting would happen; for example, when I started thinking it was just a normal story about a normal family, suddenly there was a section about the Taliban. That was really sudden! I just didn’t see it coming.  I would recommend this book.