Lesemann Learning Student Page…2!

My Favorite Sport is Basketball!

By Sanol Rajapaksa

One thing I like about basketball is shooting at the hoop.  It’s fun that you can score two points or one at the foul line. It’s fun that you can get the ball and your partner ready and pass it. When I score the basket it makes me and my team happy. Another thing I like about it is passing to others.

My favorite pass is the dribble pass.  Overhead pass is great because it is  easier since your oppenent can’t snatch the ball.I like the side pass because when your opponent tries to steal the ball you can side pass to your team.

Finally, I also like dribbling the ball. You can dribble the ball into the ground at the gym. Another thing I like about dribbling is moving up and down the court.The last thing I like about dribbling is the lay up shot  because you keep dribbling the ball twice, then you lay up by using your one hand and take a shot.

Basketball has all these great things about it! That’s why I really like basketball.