Anuttara Lath loves good music. And she is fascinated by the culture of India, her national heritage. So she decided to combinet these and created an interactive Google slide presentation. She took a look at the many language of India and the music those speakers preferred. She even cross referenced them with the times they are most played on the radio and where these languages are spoken in India. 

Many of the slides have hot (clickable) links, so you can listen to the music as you go through the presentation. I found this one of the most interesting presentations I’ve seen, ever. Once you see the slides line up on the right, click VIEW up at the top, and then PRESENT. Click PAGE DOWN on  your keyboard to keep going. Any time you see a triangle that looks like a PLAY symbol, symbol, click that. You may be rewarded with a song! Anuttara’s slideshow is there below in red (couldn’t make it take an apostrophe….)

Anuttaras slideshow