About Amy

Tutoring since 2012

I graduated from the University of Chicago, where I earned a degree in English Language and Literature, and wrote for the university newspaper. After graduating and working in London for most of a year, I taught middle and high school English, and then went on to earn a master’s degree in reading and a reading specialist license. I was the academic director of the Family Learning Institute for five years and taught volunteer tutors how to work with our second through fifth grade students. I have also run two Title I Programs, one in Michigan and one in suburban Philadelphia.

Because my position at FLI was part time, I decided to start my own tutoring company in 2012. About half of my job is working with high school students who are struggling to write papers and help with ACT/SAT prep. In addition, I help them face the biggest challenge of all: I guide them through the the college essay process. The other half of my job is working with younger students who are improving their reading and writing. This variety of students is wonderful; I am never bored and I love finding new websites to help my students when they are away from me, as well.


​If you’d like to talk with a parent who has used my skills in the past, please contact me for a phone number or email address. Many parents have referred their friends to me over the years, because once a student is doing well in school… the whole family can relax.

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